April 2022 PAYOUTS/UPTIME NOTICE: Since the last tezos upgrade our payout automation tool has not been stable. Nearly at the same time we were forced to move our baker services from our isp based rack over to AWS due to some (terrible) budget decisions made about replacing UPS battery equipment that caused random baker downtime. We took care of that situation but the payouts are still struggling. Please allow for a few more cycles, and software updates, for them to stabilize. We will balance the pay according to baking-bad. We apologize for these temporary issues.


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NO personal information is required. Delegate your Tezos and earn dividend in every cycle.

Professional Bakery

The team behind Tezry has more than 20 years of software industry experience. We do hard work and you earn.

Low Baking Fee

Tezry will get 8% fee for the delegation service.

How To Delegate / Delegation Guides

Looking for a step-by-step walkthrough? Check out our delegation guides, complete with screenshots and useful tips:


After delegating your XTZ's to us, it takes 7 cycles to obtain the baking rights. The reward of the current cycle is released after 5 cycles by the Tezos blockchain. Afterwards, your 92.5% share is paid out every cycle directly in your wallet. To check your reward go to the menu bar “Payouts”.


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